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OpenMaXwell is a graphic platform for Computational Electromagnetics and Computational Optics on personal computers under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/10. It was created by Ch. Hafner at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. OpenMaXwell includes:

  • advanced tools for the visualization and animation of functions and fields
  • a movie directive language interpreter for generating complicated movies
  • a simple formula interpreter for defining complex grids, fields, material properties, grid transformations, etc.
  • the latest 2D and 3D Multiple Multipoles (MMP implementations for accuratesemi-analytic computations
  • Model-Based Parameter Estimation (MBPE) technique for fast evaluation of frequency  response
  • standard 2D and 3D FDTD solvers.

The download location of the source codes and the compiled versions of OpenMaXwell is: https://github.com/openmaxwell/